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I don't get it.

A Wrinkle in time - Madeleine L'Engle

Another "classic" I had never read as a child and finally decided to give it a go. Decided to go ahead and buy a bargain version of the trilogy since it was cheaper than buying a brand new copy of the first book at the bookstore AND I'd be able to binge-read it all. 


I didn't get it. The first 15-20 pages or so were interesting but it just became really boring. The story never sucked me in and I never became very invested in the outcome. As other reviews note, the Christian themes and allegory is a bit much. Stories that have heavy religious undertones/themes/storylines, etc. never ever appeal to me and so after finishing it wasn't a surprise to me that this probably played a part in why I didn't care too much and why I was never drawn to reading it when I was younger.


It's a pity because I thought I'd try to read this *before* the movie comes out but it looks like this is one of those stories that may work better for me on the screen rather than the page. These types of stories obviously aren't for everyone and I guess I'm just one of those that doesn't get it. 


It's a readily available classic so unless you're trying to read up before the movie is released it shouldn't be too hard to find at the bookstore or local library.